1-Day Storewide Discount 11/12/13

What a nice date right, 11/12/13..but it does'nt end there! Ayuapparels have decided to add in a 14 to that!!! Soooo..here comes our 1-Day only STOREWIDE, YES STOREWIDEEEE discount only on the 11/12/13 with a 14% discount! 

You would'nt want to miss this as that date comes only once in a lifetime. Heheheee.. I am super duper excited that Ayuapparels website is loaded for more stuff like new shawls, kaftans, etc. Hope you dearies manage to grab a thing or two on this date. Offer is available at www.ayuapparels.com

Happy shopping lovely ladies!!! <3 span="">

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