Ixora Fishtail Blouse


Ixora Fishtail Blouse
Only available at www.ayuapparels.com
1 for S$22 or RM57
*free postage for Singapore and Malaysia

Fits up to XXL, for full measurements please visit our website:

1-Day Storewide Discount 11/12/13

What a nice date right, 11/12/13..but it does'nt end there! Ayuapparels have decided to add in a 14 to that!!! Soooo..here comes our 1-Day only STOREWIDE, YES STOREWIDEEEE discount only on the 11/12/13 with a 14% discount! 

You would'nt want to miss this as that date comes only once in a lifetime. Heheheee.. I am super duper excited that Ayuapparels website is loaded for more stuff like new shawls, kaftans, etc. Hope you dearies manage to grab a thing or two on this date. Offer is available at www.ayuapparels.com

Happy shopping lovely ladies!!! <3 span="">

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Viscose Maxi Shawl

1 for $9
4 for $32!


-sms/watsapp +6597612772
-email ayu@ayuapparels.com
-fb pm facebook.com/busanamelayu
-instagram: @ayuapparels
️-website: www.ayuapparels.com 
*colour may differ slightly due to lighting

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Shawls photoshoot

I am very very happy with the photoshoot yesterday..it was awesomely beautiful!! Managed to get a couple of our shawls snapped with the gorgeous Ida as our model. I simply love her..a very sweet and outgoing girl :) 

Took a total of 6 designs of shawls during the photoshoot. I cant wait to launch it soon! Go to our fb page: ayuapparels, instagram: @ayuapparels or our website: www.ayuapparels.com to be updated with the launches. Hope to see u all soon dearies.. <3

If theres anyone out there who wants to be Ayu model or just wants to try to be a model, you can simply approach us via email/fb or fill up the form at the blog. We accept new faces who aspires to me a model. You can volunteer to be an Ayuapparel model and use our pictures in your portfolio. Do contact us if interested! :D

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What I feel about Ayuapparels

Ayuapparels is always grateful to Allah for giving us a chance to survive in this Muslimah online shop business. 

We started out very very small in Facebook with just a girl big dream to one day open a shop for all Muslimah. Alhamdulillah, AYU has managed to get an office like shop at Singapore Thomson V to place our items and for people to come and self collect their orders..I still do hope to bring Ayuapparels to greater heights insya'allah with a bigger real shop that has enough space for fitting rooms, mirrors, seats, etc. 

I still remember the first time a customer sent a message at Fb saying that she is interested in the shawls that im selling..i felt so so excited! Quickly got up from my seat and called my boyfriend to tell him. Now, believe me when i say i still am very excited whenever someone message, text or order Ayuapparels things online. 

I must say that Ayuapparels fans are the best!! My customers are very sweet, polite, cute and funny too :D I hope to continue to serve these beautiful ladies and all the other gorgeous ladies. Thank you so much for all the support for Ayuapparels dearies..Ayu existence is all thanks to our customers. Do keep supporting us! New collections coming soon.... Hehehe 😁😁

INSTOCK: Bags!!!

Hey hey.. I am a big big fan of bags. Went shopping for bags the other day and i thought, why not i get a few more for Ayu fans. So, in the end i managed to pick this design below that comes with 3 colours. I took black for myself and gave the cream-like one to my mom.  Simply love the sleek modern design that was achieved with the studs and weaves. 

The bag is perfect for my ipad, phone, my very thick wallet (due to coins only..hahah!), tissue, some makeup and my jacket. I prefer using the long strap and sling it but when my shoulder gets tired, i can easily switch to the handle. 

Overall i must say that i'm gonna stick to this bag for a long time before it wears off :D

💜 sms/watsapp 97612772
️️💙 email ayu@ayuapparels.com
💚 fb pm facebook.com/busanamelayu
❤️ website: www.ayuapparels.com *colour may differ slightly due to lighting

Hot Sale Coming Soon

Salam Ayu fans,

Yes the title says it all. We've heard from many of you that you love our sales promos. So to end off this year with a bang, we will be launching a one-day promotion store wide! Oops, so I guess you all now know roughly when we will be launching it. :D

Ayuapparels.com: Candy Stripes Round Neck

Who says muslimah cant be trendy? I was searching for a comfortable muslimah wear that could make me look perhaps a year younger (hehe!) or trendy when my eyes were caught on these very very comfy loose blouses..

Why u should get one of these blouses is because firstly, 1. it is colourful. 
2. Secondly, the material and loose fit cutting of the blouse. 
And lastly, it is 3. affordable even for students! 
If u are lazy like me, u dun have to iron the blouse..it's like those grab-and-go kind of blouse. Easy peasy!!

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More Launches Coming Soon!

Salam Ayu fans,

It has been a blast ever since we launched our new site! We really appreciate all of your support and are even more motivated to serving all of you better. Alhamdulillah, things have been running smoothly and we are in the midst of getting more pretty stuff for future launches!

That being said, please feel free to give us your feedback or comments regarding your products and service quality. Help us build a platform that you and thousands of other muslimah will love!

You can reach us via
Email: ayu@ayuapparels.com
SMS/WhatsApp: 97612772
FB chat: www.facebook.com/busanamelayu

Ayu Online Store Officially Launched

The Ayu team would like to extend our gratitude to our beloved fans. Without your support, we would not have made it this far. With effect from 1st October 2013, you may purchase our products from our newly launched online store. Feel free to visit us at: